Tourist information

We love when tourists visit our island!If you’re thinking about planning a trip to Jamaica then here’s some information for you:

  • It’s always important that you read about the laws of the land before you decide to visit. Jamaican laws may be different than that of your home country. Get educated!
  • At all times keep safety in mind.┬áIt’s always fun to explore and enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer. However, be mindful that like every other country there’s specific areas that may be volatile.
  • Leave your valuables at your hotel or resort while going on outings.
  • Check with the embassy of your country before coming to the island. This way, they can be aware of where you are in the event something happens.
  • Jamaica is a tropical country. So expect warmer temperatures during your stay.
  • Most importantly, have some fun! We have amazing food (get some jerk chicken and our local national dish – ackee and saltfish!) Be sure to sip on a Red Stripe Beer too and share your experience with others.


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