Exciting Jamaican Tours Beaches and Falls

Now that you have decided to explore the island and see what it offers it’s important for you to know about all the things you can do. There are adventures and activities within and even outside the cockpit country that you can get to experience. Whether you’re on vacation with your family, some friends or just by yourself, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you’ll have a fantastic time.

Beautiful relaxation all around.

For example, Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios offers the exciting opportunity to climb one of nature’s best wonders. A massive falls that flows into the Caribbean ocean. It’s a well-known tourist spot that has been around for decades. They love it because of its uniqueness as well as for the fact that it offers them the challenge of “conquering” the falls. Experienced tour guides operate there daily and take lines of tourists on the trek to the top. Once there, you can take pictures and celebrate the victory you accomplished (climbing the falls).

Another option Jamaica is Y.S Falls which is located in St. Elizabeth. Apart from the tractor ride which takes you on a journey from your registration point to the actual falls, the other stand out features of this place is the two beautiful pools on the property as well as the many areas that are available for you to take dives into pools of water. There’s also a zip line on the property where people can enjoy a relaxing ride from one point to the other. Fun for the entire family!

The video below highlights just how exciting it can be:

Mayfield Falls located in Westmoreland offers you the opportunity to dive into different cascades of water. Apart from that, you get the chance also to see and admire the beautiful grounds and wildlife located on the property. There’s a tour that lasts over an hour with experienced guides (just like Dunn’s River Falls), and you also get the opportunity to swim, relax and destress.

Enough about falls, what about beaches? Well everyone must be familiar with Hellshire which is located in Portmore, St. Catherine. They are a well known hang out area for tourists and locals who want to just chill on a Sunday in some waves. But apart from that, they are a favorite spot to enjoy fried and steam fish. Think about your snapper and parrot fishes, lobster, fish tea and the list goes on. If you happen to come here on a holiday, you can expect a packed area. That’s how bad it is sometimes!

Last but not least, we’re tempted to recommend the doctor’s Cave Beach Club. It’s also a very popular area located in Montego Bay. The entry cost is relatively small (only 6 U.S. dollars) and for that price, you get to experience white sand beaches, snorkeling and more. There’s also different options for you to become a full member of their club so you can enjoy a ton of various benefits (like private changing rooms, saunas and more).

Overall there’s so much to do here. While compiling this list inspired by other sites we have come to realize there’s a lot we didn’t cover. If you happen to visit any of these places, please reach out and let us know. We love hearing from tourists who took the journey and love hearing about how it was for you.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Before we go, we recommend you checkout our inspiration on the Best Beaches to Explore in Jamaica.

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